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Holiday Health Hacks with Carol Watson @ East Buffet
Dec 5 @ 11:30 am

Dr. Carol’s background includes 18 years of Cardiac & Medical Intensive Care Nursing. She shifted her focus to Prevention in 1995 and has since focused her mission on Wellness as a passionate and inspiring Naturopathic Doctor. Sharing her compelling message of health, healing, and hope as a Transparent Edu-Tainer, audiences around the country find her engaging, authentic and humorous.

Dr. Carol and her supportive husband Ken, reside in Denton, TX where she operates her two home-based businesses. She is at the top position in her Direct Sales company where she has served for over 18 years as a leader, trainer, and mentor for thousands. She is also President and CEO of Transformational Coaching with Dr. Carol serving as a Life and Food Addiction Coach, Speaker, and Trainer. She enjoys hosting wellness & cooking classes in her home and in the community, is active in her local church mentoring women and leading Bible Studies, and maintains a very active life where she enjoys lots of fun, Pickle-ball, Line-dancing, and walking with a purpose! Her dedicated service and contribution are exemplary of “Givers Gain” and her audience’s walk away feeling hugged, hopeful and heightened!

She joined the Juice Plus+ team January 2001 and thanks to a dynamic team of like-minded health partners, she attained the position of National Marketing Director in 3 years. She is a member of the 39 club and has been nominated for an Elton Award four times: in 2006 as “24 Club Rookie of the Year,” and in 2010, 2011 & 2012 as “39 Club Member of the Year.”

Dr. Carol is not only an accomplished and successful Franchise owner but she has also coached and trained thousands as a frequently requested Int’l speaker on health & wellness, leadership, business skills & mindset, and personal & professional development.

Her journey with The Juice Plus Company has been one filled with excitement, FUN and personal growth challenges that have helped her to look at every seeming “problem” as an opportunity to grow beyond her current situation. In her own words, she has learned that “for things to change, I have to change” because it’s not who you are that holds you back, but who you think you’re NOT!

Dr. Carol’s mission is to facilitate transformation of body, mind, and spirit by empowering you with the mindset and skills to break through your walls to live free and fulfilled!

She and her husband are motivated by living a life that is “free to give and free to go!”

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